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She was different; she always knew she was.

Sometimes it was hard for her to believe she was living amongst such strange humans here on planet earth.

Until one day, she met a confident, blue booted, wildhaired stranger who took her breath away. Was the stranger from the stars? Are you someone who is waiting for the magic? For someone to come into your life to save you from the things that are getting you down? Maybe you just need to change your mindset and create your own magic?

Self-love starts with you and, the sooner you realise it the better. We all have an undiscovered country within us.

What’s yours?



Love, Gratitude and Appreciation begin with you.

All three are a natural part of Self Growth. When we are good to ourselves despite all our imperfections (and we all have them), we can grow like a watered flower. Flowers need water to grow, and we are no exception.

“It’s only by watering your own seed of happiness that you become a sunflower.” Indra

Be good to yourself and watch how you bloom. Self-growth is essential for good living. Why? It’s simple; it helps you feel good inside, and when you feel good inside, your outside world looks so much brighter.

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Indra Singh
The Key C

Why I write…

‘I bought this wee book for my granddaughter….
But had to read it myself…. Now my daughter is reading it so three generations
you have touched dear Indra…. Loved loved loved your story helped
me to pull up my big boots and kick the leaves in joy. With gratitude my lovely’