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About Indra

Indra Singh

I created this book on the back of many conversations I had with myself at a younger age. Call her my imaginary friend, my higher self, even my ego, but I always believed there was something more inside of me as children do, and I had the power; I just had to learn to use it.

There was no better time for me to pen the words to My Friend’s A SuperHero than during the long lockdowns of Covid. Now it’s time to share it with you.

From an early age, I always knew I was different, quirky, and positively weird. I was quiet, a solitary child who lived in my imagination. I experienced my share of bullying, often leaving me fragile, worthless and with a need to escape into my mind and another world, always with a need for more. Now I see that was my distraction, something school never encouraged.

I was a dancer and loved physical expression. However, when a long-standing eating disorder hit me in my teens, I found my way into the traditional practices of Yoga. Although Yoga was in my blood, I didn’t take it seriously until I was 17.

I travelled the world for many years, studying various Yoga traditions, believing everything I needed was with another teacher or a guru that saw themselves on a pedestal, preaching above everyone else. I was wrong; I soon learnt it was me who had the keys to me.

I began to create and support others through the practice of Yoga, including Yoga for children and Yoga for mental health and addiction. It’s something I continue to honour by offering workshops, readings, and playful activity days to various age groups.

I hope that by sharing these pages with you and your children, I inspire you to believe that you have the keys to your kingdom within you.

Be the SuperHero You were Born to Be!

Indra x