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My Best Friend’s a SuperHero

This is the story of how I learnt to value myself, and everything about myself, by finding the keys to who I was. This is the story of how I grew strong and courageous even during those times in my life when I felt afraid, sad and scared. This is the story of accepting self beauty, despite my shape or size, gender, or the colour of my skin and hair.

This is the story about how I became happy, even when I didn’t feel happy inside. Feeling happiness I thought I could only see and feel in my dreams. Not because I had the best of things, but because I started to learn who I was from the inside by becoming the master of my mind and ultimately, my own best friend. 

I want you to know something: being happy is your birthright. You were born to be happy and create the life of your dreams. Give yourself a chance and start the journey NOW

My Best Friend's a SuperHero