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The Keys to a better you.

What will you get from the workshops?

  1. A place to step out of the box and express yourself.
  2. A facilitator with over 25 years of experience holding space.
  3. A chance to bring yourself into balance and alignment with who you are from the inside out. More ability to understand who you are in all your individuality.
  4. To nurture your abilities.
  5. Tools and practices to help create your chosen future by using a conscious mindset. 
  6. To learn how to turn bad habits into good habits. Or, as the book says, mind demons into knowings.
    The Key B

What happens when you use the keys?

Each key is like a piece from a jigsaw. When the keys all match together, they create a picture. When one key is missing, then the picture isn’t whole. You will learn to acknowledge each key through conversation, activity and creativity, so you understand them better, making it easier to see how they fit into your life.

The Key C

The reason you are using the keys.

The reason you use the keys is so that you can start appreciating yourself. Often, we may not think good about ourselves, and we may find that hard to explain to others. If we are honest, that some days our thoughts may be harmful, and we don’t feel good enough, then we can do something about it. Most of the time, we find that we aren’t alone with our feelings. The keys are here to uplift and inspire you into speaking up about how you feel, and once you do that, you move closer towards your SuperHero Powers and your SuperHero self.

The Key D

The reason why using the keys will make you healthier, happier and feel good about yourself.

Right now, your SuperHero self may be sleeping. We are here to wake it up.

  1. You will start to feel more trusting of yourself and be confident in your decision making. 
  2. You will feel better about holding boundaries. 
  3. You will know what you like and don’t like.
  4. You will be able to say no with confidence.
  5. You will understand peer pressure.
  6. Your creativity will flow, and you will have an easier time expressing yourself without worrying about what others think of you.
  7. You will laugh and smile more.
  8. You will know how it feels to be calm.
  9. You will communicate your feelings better.
  10. You will have the courage to be you.
  11. You will learn how it feels to stand in your SuperHero power. And when you share all the above and more with others, you will find that they want it too. 


The Keys to a Better You.