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These workshops will teach you how to value yourself, by finding the keys to who you are. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE about how these keys will help you.

Self-discovery workshops 

Run over six weeks (one session per week);

Opening to the imagination and sharing our creativity through art, writing, play, yoga, and meditation. We will take each activity from the book and share and expand into the experiences. Every week we will be learning a lot more about ourselves as the journey grows. 

(Timing of workshops TBA)

Self-discovery days 

Just like above but condensed into a one-day session. Be prepared for happy and exhausted children at the end of the day.

Self-discovery and appreciation days for teens

We take the exercises from the book and adapt them for teenagers. It not only opens up each individual to their creative nature, but it allows us to go deeper into self-appreciation and discovery and create good habits and behaviours to practice daily. 

Book Readings

Allow me to share my story with you, and let’s play with what it’s like to be a SuperHero.

Yoga & Meditation for All

I bring my 30 years of Yoga experience to you: your school, your family, your community, your workspace.

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Workshops for self-appreciation and discovery